Request in Tripadvisor Review – Done! | Пожелания гостей исполняются!

In a recent Tripadvisor Katerina City Review a guest was asking for tips about places to eat nearby the Katerina City hotel. As a reply to the guest i wrote we would add such a page on our web site – which we have done now:

Please check out Around Hotel Katerina City page on our website.

Economically way to stay with very nice accommodations.

Katerina City Hotel

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Tom61108   1 contribution
Rockford, Illinois
Sep 15, 2010

An outstanding place to stay which is centrally located to the Metro for quick access to the tourist areas.Very nice, comfortable rooms with free wi-fi, minibar and breakfast. Staff is friendly, helpful and English speaking. This is not a five star but is an excellent four star. One drawback is that there is not a lot of places to eat nearby but that did not stop us from experiencing what Moscow has to offer. There are plenty of places in and around the tourist areas.

Date of stay September 2010
Visit was for Leisure
Traveled with Other
Member since September 15, 2010
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