Hospitality For All

Hospitality For All is an initiative by Katerina Hotels in Moscow, Russia.

Hospitality for all – is not a charity organisation, it is our initiative as part of our business. If you can – you should contribute to making the world a better place, that is our belief.

In our initiative we focus on improving conditions and future prospects for children living in orphanages and boarding schools.

What we have done recently:

  • Paid education for Rhzev orphanage staff in St Petersburg on the theme “Methods for coping with psyhological trauma” – May 2012
  • Hotel presentation, excursion and lunch for Centre Vverh June 2012
  • Clothes and items for Marina Perepeltsa, single mother of 6 kids, Moscow – October 2012
  • Internet for a year for orphanage “Huri Tin” in Vladikavkaz – November 2012
  • Hotel accomodation for artists of Charity fund “Artist” – December 2012
  • Organisation of Childrens New year celebration at Katerina Park for Orphanage #7 in Moscow – December 29 2012

If you are an orphanage administrator who wants our help – please contact us.


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